In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Acts 2:17a

My hub, Matt and I are big movie buffs and I cannot wait for this film. It looks amazing and production-wise they did an incredible job. Most of all, I’m excited that there are a few God films out there making it to the big screen. There’s also “Son of God” coming out, from the producers of the Bible series on the History Channel. You can watch that trailer here. So awesome. Also, I love the Jesus in the Bible series. He’s happy and shows love well, which the real Jesus clearly does. I don’t think anyone can play Him exactly as He was here on earth, but in my opinion they portray Him well. I’m praying that through these films God is revealed to all the ends of the earth and people from every nations would know Him, see His glory and His heart for them.

* I do not own rights to these trailers, I’m just a fan

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